The commitments of the Labatut Lvi

The strategy of Labatut LVI translates into compliance with certain commitments:

Customer Engagement

  • Create a Relational Partnership Proximity and Trust
  • Develop and implement Innovative and tailored solutions
  • Propose Eco-Responsible Solutions That would fit into the client's development strategy
  • Measure performance each month usingRelevant indicators
  • Optimize resources and Delivery tours To ensure a productivity gain and the best cost to the customer
  • Return a good image of the customer's business To its own customers (vehicles and work suits in accordance with the company's identity)
Labatut LVi is committed to the Customer, employees And for the respect of The quality. 

  • To make sense of everyday activities, to promote the Each person's skills
  • Strengthen the conversation social and ensure a flawless communication internally
  • Fostering the emergence of talent Through the promotion and training
  • Care for health and safety In the workplace
truck NGV 


  • Measure and display the evolution of environmental performance
  • Use of vehicles operating at NGV
  • Eco-driving Training
  • Make tailored investments to the Environmental and sound nuisance reductions
  • Anticipating the regulations of tomorrow to propose deliveries with Vehicles that meet the new urban requirements